Halal Food In Bali

halal food in bali

Bali as one of the major tourist destination in the world, certainly have many restaurants and foods to fulfill the needs of the tourist for eat and drink. But for muslim we have to be careful when choosing a food to eat for. Although Bali is a majority of Hindu population, Muslims consist 12% of its population. And despite this minority, Bali actually have a number of restaurants serving Halal food, from authentic Indonesian dishes to even Arabic cuisine.

Although Muslim and Hindus living side by side everyday, not always they know everything about Islamic values especially about halal food. The commonly understanding about halal food in Balinese society is halal food is no pork. As basic as that. They do not know that we should eat chicken or beef slaughtered in accordance with Islamic ways. So when you ask if the food you ordered halal or not, you should check that the person is Muslim or not. Because if not Muslim feared this person have a misconception about the halal food

Halal food can be found mostly in Kuta and Denpasar area. As general rule, look for popular franchised restaurants and fast food ( McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut), as they are mostly available in other parts of Indonesia too, thus already halal certified by Indonesian Cleric Council: Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI). The other sure options would be Padang Restaurants, which virtually almost 100% are owned and operated by muslim and last but not least, look for eateries using muslim names like "Warung muslim". For restaurants other than halal certified it's also worthwhile to ask for verbal assurances.

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